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Celebrating the TOO Much Woman: We shine, because baby, you just can’t dim the sun.

Too intense. Too sensitive. Too emotional. Too passionate. Too driven. Too smart. Too sensual. Too needy. Too ambitious. Too fat. Too bitchy. Too honest. Too pretty. Too wild. Too intimidating. Just too darn much?

Have you dimmed down the essence of you? Tucked yourself away in order to feel accepted, loved and safe?
This book tells the story of being born a Too Much Little Girl, and throughout my life, oscillating between radiating in my Too Muchness and ruminating in my Not Enoughness.

Nobody’s Coming

See Gina’s recent award-winning Speaker Slam speech about human connection. 

This is the source of the million-views Daily Goalcast video.

Too Much Woman

See Gina’s recent award-winning Speaker Slam speech about reclaiming feminine power and personal freedom. #TooMuchWoman

This is the source of the million-views Daily Goalcast video that launched the movement.

Join the #TooMuchWoman Movement
Are you ready to Shine in Your Glory?
Your tribe is waiting…

It may look like a podcast, feel like a podcast, sound like a podcast — but it is so much more.

Book Gina to speak at your event, facilitate a workshop, a retreat, and rock your audience.

A Movement has been birthed.

Not from Ego and Glory and Facade.
 But from the womb of pure connection, passion and love.

 Gather extraordinary women, as we share our stories and desires and truths, laying the foundation for this labour of exquisite love to be born.

 We are Too Much Women and we will not dim any longer.

 We believe without a doubt that EVERY woman is called to a particular slice of destiny that belongs to her and no one else.

 We believe when a woman embraces that which makes her TOO MUCH — her uniqueness, and combines it with Intention, she can move mountains with her IMPACT on the world.

 We believe that the world requires her to live her destiny in order for all of us to evolve.

Gather tribe. Gather women. It’s time.

Listen to the Podcast!

It may look like a podcast.

Feel like a podcast.

Even sound like a podcast.

But the Truth is, it’s much more.

Spiritual G Spot is a RECLAMATION.

A REcovery.

A REposession.

A REtrieval.

A REdemption.

A REsuscitation.

Ultimately, it’s a REgrouping of all the slices of a woman that come apart over the course of her lifetime — whether by chance or by choice, in stages or in an instant, thoughtfully or unintentionally.

It’s about wholeness and integration. It’s about irony and truth. It’s about embracing the blurred lines and oxymoronic labels of Who We Are in any given moment.

It’s about Choice. Lots of it. And exploring the width and depth and breadth of the possibilities available to us as we attempt to sculpt an answer to the age-old question, “Who Am I and Why Am I Here, anyway?”

Spiritual G Spot is my bold, albeit messy, attempt at Courage.

I’m a woman who wants to be Seen. I’m also a woman who has been traumatized for being Seen.

I’m a woman who chooses to show up anyway in all of my Too Muchness, because I believe invisibility suffocates the Soul.

I am not a piece of human.
I am not flesh and ass and temptation.

I am a Woman connected to my Divinity, my Sensuality, my Life Force Vitality.

I am Feminine energy and Masculine force.
I am sexy brilliance and hot determination.

I am bigger than my breasts and more powerful than my thighs.
My curve is mightier than any sword and my Spirit stronger than any insult.

I am a Woman. Full. Whole. Complete. Awakened.

My radiance isn’t intended to taunt, entice, tease, provoke or threaten.

I shine not for adoration.
I shine simply because you just can’t dim the sun.

Welcome to Spiritual G Spot.

Roll up your sleeves and let’s get messy.

Wear it Proudly

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