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The Pleasure Revolution

What is the difference between a mid-life Crisis and a mid-life Awakening?
At some point in her life, a woman is confronted with two choices: to enthusiastically embrace the next chapter of her story, OR get muddled in the bitterness of 'should haves', could haves' and 'what-the-heck-was-I-thinking'?

This talk invites women to explore their pleasure and reset their inner GPS to navigate in the direction of their best lives.

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In a world that profits from our self-rejection, it is a radical act of defiance to embrace all that we are.

Too intense. Too sensitive. Too opinionated. Too driven. Too smart. Too intimidating. Just too darn much?

Many of us have received the message to tone down the essence of us. As a result, we have tucked parts of ourselves away in order to feel accepted, loved and safe.

What if we stepped into the radical acceptance of all that we are and learned to reclaim our ancient and authentic power in order to channel it into something potent and intentional?


“I wish I could be as confident as you!”

THIS is the #1 comment across ALL of my social media.

We instinctively know that our lack of self assurance keeps us playing small.

True Confidence IS the doorway to living your best life and it’s not about faking it till you make it. People sniff that out a mile away.

Commanding a room is NOT about power over.

It’s about understanding the tenants of body language and energy to shift the dynamics of any space with your beingness and build instant rapport.


Building Your Self Trust Muscle

Confidence is the Game Changer no matter what you want to uplevel in your life, but most of us have no idea how to actually grow true, sustainable confidence .

In this Masterclass, we learn the pillars of Self Trust which is defined as the assured reliance that we will have our own back in any situation.

Self Trust is the root system of confidence and this class covers the practical steps we can take to build it in a lasting and meaningful way.

  • Top Inspirational Speaker out of 500 by Speaker Slam in 2021
  • Powerful Woman of the Year by Soulful Image Magazine 2019
  • Speaker of the Year by Dynamo Speaking 2019
  • Voted Top 20 Woman Disruptors of 2022 by Disruptors Magazine 2022
  • 1 of the 3 most important events to empower women in 2019 alongside the Women's March and the #MeToo Movement according to a Los Angeles magazine.


Gina shared the stage with Elizabeth Gilbert, Lisa Nichols, Glennon Doyle, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Cheryl Strayed and Laverne Cox at the International Women’s Summit, proudly celebrating the Rise of the Feminine.

As seen on:

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International Woman's Summit
The Brian Tracey Institute
New Hampshire Women's Conference
Celebrate Your Life Events
South West Institute for the Healing Arts, AZ
Hydro One
Shell Global
H.U.B. Inc
Bank of Montreal
The Uncommon Woman Tour
City of Markham Rogers
Shoppers Drug Mart
Speaker Slam
Canadian Tire
Unleash Your Greatness Conference
CPA Chartered Professional Accountants
Philip & Henry Productions
9.1.1. Emergency Services Ontario

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We were fortunate enough to have Gina Hatzis on our Speaker Slam Stages a few times over the last few years. Her brilliant storytelling coupled with dynamic presentations landed her over 50 million video views, and the title of #1 Speaker Slam speaker of all time.
    In addition to speaking, Gina has been a phenomenal host, facilitator and judge at countless events. She's a superstar and our most celebrated speaker in over 5 years! Her versatility, powerful stage presence, wealth of expertise and grounded energy make her widely appealing to any audience.
Rina Rovinelli Co-Founder Speaker Slam

Gina Hatzis is a dynamic, talented, intuitive speaker capable of effectively captivating an audience. She used her knowledge, presence, wit and intuition to read and engage the participants. Her message was clear, transformational and left a profound impact on those present.
Lori Brant Alignment Strategist, Unleash Your Greatness Conference

We flew Gina in to SWIHA on high demand for our FireWalk Event to kick off 2020 and the response was unbelievable! She is so adored by her followers and it's evident why. Gina has a unique way of being both inspirational, educational and absolutely relatable. She is so wise and a natural speaker who is tuned into her audience. People still talk about her visit years later. She's unforgettable.
K Miller SouthWest Institute of Healing Arts, Phoenix, AZ

My name is Yolanda and I was the Senior Global Manager of Customer Relations for Exxon when we launched our Customer Experience initiative in 2017. We hired a dozen consultants and speakers from around the world to deliver the training to our executive team and Gina was one of our North American facilitators. The feedback from our initial roll out made it clear that Gina had the highest feedback ratings by far. She was dynamic and funny, relatable (even to a mostly male audience) and very passionate. She is a wonderful storyteller and brings a powerful human element to her speaking that makes you forget you are learning! I myself attended a few of her sessions simply because she was so engaging! We ended up promoting her to the Global Lead Consultant Role where she could coach, support and train a very seasoned speaking roster. I highly recommend Gina for ANY stage. She has the special sauce that every company is looking for.
Yolanda P., Exxon

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